Best Ways to Style Graphic Printed Ladies Tees

There are several ways to rock graphic printed ladies' tees. Whether you plan to wear your tee to a party or for a casual outing, you can achieve great looks by experimenting with styles and accessories.

Buy your printed tees from reliable online brands to ensure quality and durability. These t-shirts work for several looks. Additionally, you can layer v-necks and crew necks with other fabric items. Tuck, your t-shirt, knot it, or layer it to create different looks.

Tuck Your Tee
Tuck your graphic printed ladies tee into your jeans, pants, or skirts to accomplish this stylish look. Full tucks can add more structure to the look, while half-tucks can effectively create a casual, laid-back look.

Daring fashion enthusiasts worldwide are now experimenting with this look by using contrasting combinations for the pants or skirt and the tee. For example, a white printed tee can look exceptionally stylish with a brown skirt or black pants.

Knotting is another technique you may use to style your tee that is similar to tucking. You may need a slightly large-sized tee to create the perfect knot. Tuck your tee higher if you plan to wear it with a long skirt or wish to create a "tall look."

Wear it under a Blazer or Overalls

While they may seem like an unconventional combination, printed tees and blazers go very well together. However, the style and color of the blazer should match the t-shirt color and print color.

For example, a highly formal, black blazer may look out of place with a bright-colored tee with neon prints. To create a more casual look, layer the tee under denim overalls or other overalls of your choice.

However, overalls may hide the print, so leave one side of the overalls unbuckled to expose the print and create a very casual look.

Add Bling or a Scarf

Accessories like necklaces create a rugged "downtown" look; while scarves help you create more classy looks with your printed tees. Ensure that the necklaces and accessories you choose enhance your look. 

For example, a black necklace may not be "visible" over a black t-shirt. Fashion experts recommend choosing short accessories that stick to your neck or go just a little way down to wear over printed tees. Long necklaces may hide or clash with the print.

Buy From a Top-Rates Store

Buy your graphic printed ladies tees from a reputed store that only sells high-quality t-shirts. It is also critical to buy well-fitting t-shirts. Fashion experts assert that v-neck and crew neck ladies' t-shirts are the most versatile options for styling. 

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